Traditional Values

Care Outlook is a certified provider of
homecare services for residents of London

Independent provider
of at-home care services

As an alternative to relocating yourself or your loved one to a care facility, we hope to be
an affordable option. We will be attentive to your needs and encourage your self-esteem.

A Personal Approach
to Your Care

No matter what your loved ones require, we have access to a large number
of carers who can tend to their needs and give your family peace of mind.


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Who We Care For

We provide a variety of care options for your loved ones.

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Certified provider of homecare services for residents of London and the South East


Multiple offices from Hounslow to Crawley and beyond


Our specialists are DBS-certified and fully trained to respond to every customer’s needs at home

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Personal In-Home Care Services
Traditional Values. Personalised Choices

Care Outlook is a certified provider of home care services for residents of London and the South East UK. With multiple offices from Hounslow to Brighton and beyond, we manage a network of trusted and skilled carers who can visit or stay in the home of any person who needs help on a day-to-day basis. This level of care ranges adults and children with physical or learning disabilities to the elderly. We are specialists in dementia and brain injury care but our care professionals work with a whole spectrum of clients on a daily basis.

Our services are designed to accommodate essential daily activities, including:

  • Getting in and out of bed

  • Personal hygiene and grooming

  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments

  • Cooking, cleaning and other housekeeping jobs

  • Supervising medication and nutrition

At-Home Care Tailored to Your Loved Ones

What sets us apart is that we are an independent organisation, with multiple offices spread across the South East to meet the rising demand for at-home care and personal attention to those in need. We select only the most qualified and experienced caregivers to visit your loved ones in their own home, creating an atmosphere of warmth and security backed by their professional expertise.

As an agency, Care Outlook makes every effort to stay active in all the communities we support and to work closely with the local authorities. We employ specialists who are DBS-certified and fully trained to respond to every customer’s needs at home, as well as take action in an emergency.

Every carer is carefully assessed on how well they deliver both physical aid and emotional comfort to every customer, no matter what type of disability or impairment they face on a daily basis. With our help and support, we guarantee you’ll see a turnaround in your loved ones’ well-being.

We look forward to hearing from you and addressing all your concerns.

Please send us an email or call us on 020 8699 5494 to discuss your options for expert home care.