Care Outlook is an independent provider of care services and professionals, with multiple offices in London and the South East. Founded in 2005, we are a family-run business that believes is going beyond the “bottom line,” putting our quality of service ahead of our profits.

Since 2005, we have expanded our range of coverage across the region, with more than 800 employees under our supervision in the following areas:

  • Lewisham & Greenwich
  • West Wickham & Bromley
  • Battersea
  • Hounslow
  • Hayes
  • Brighton & Hove
  • West Sussex
  • Crawley
  • Oxford

At-Home Assistance with Traditional Values

Receiving care at home is not usually a topic of discussion among family and friends until we need it. However, even when meeting your daily needs becomes a challenge, you do not have to lose your independence or relocate to a care home.

Care Outlook sends out professional carers who are ready to give you or your loved ones friendly and unwavering support. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that you can stay in your home and enjoy life based on your personal values and habits.

Bringing Personal Choice to Home Care

Every service that we provide is tailored to each customer’s personal and social needs. Our coverage extends to such necessities as:

  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Transportation and shopping
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Specialist or clinical health needs

Thanks to our access to the latest technology, our carers are equipped to handle any situation and guaranteed to be on time. Whether it’s remembering to turn the gas off or keeping a daily log of activities and reminders, the Care Outlook team is on top of everything. Nothing else takes priority over our customers’ comfort and peace of mind.

Get in touch today to help your loved ones rediscover their choices.

Please send us an email or call us at 020 8695 9177 to speak with a representative about your homecare options.